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Patios are the ideal way to transform your garden, or a part of it, into an outdoor living area. Provide your outdoor space with a solid and level surface for garden furniture, potted plants, and a location usable in all weather conditions, due to our promise of always ensuring we provide a non-slip slab or solution.

Custom Design Patios

In need of patio ideas? Outlife are happy to provide you with expertise & inspiration gained over our years of experience.

A garden patio makes for a wonderful and welcoming outdoor living space.
Compared with lawned gardens, patios, paved, & gravelled spaces require little maintenance, and therefore are often a preferred choice.

Even the smallest seasonal refresh can completely update your outdoor space.

keeping all elements at the forefront...

We at Outlife pride ourselves on creating not only a beautiful outdoor living space for our customers, but one that is also pet and child friendly. This is why we ensure that our slab choices are non-slip, and in the case that they are not, we provide a sealant service to ensure that they still maintain a non-slip finish.

In addition, we always ensure all aspects of the job are considered, including crucial but often overlooked elements, such as effective drainage solutions

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If you already have a patio that you enjoy the use of, but it needs a bit of extra care, bring new life back to your patio with some of the simple but effective solutions that Outlife can offer such as:


  • Re-laying any rocking or broken paving slabs

  • Pressure washing

  • Re-grouting

  • Installing new edgings blocks or decorative gravel

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